A Year of Ridiculous Interruptions - Courtesy of Pesky Wildlife, Quirky Pets and Two-Legged Mammals 

​Follow a typical chaotic, over-scheduled family through a year of unexpected and humorous true life interruptions. Beginning with the first day of school, the book moves through various scenarios; over scheduled days, disastrous doctor visits, harried trips to the veterinarian, school obligations, the truth behind decorating for the holidays, Mars and Venus moments, family vacation, loss of family pets, and even the absurd things we do to avoid getting older. The beloved pets insert themselves daily, creating more havoc than they're worth. The local wildlife saunter in and out of their property with far too much regularity causing upsets, injury, fear and hysterical outcomes. 

5-Star Readers Favorite Award

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"A thoroughly delightful book, readers with laugh, some will cry. Ms Morgan has a gift for relating to the reader. The writer's humorous response to the annoyances that are part of life make this a fun read, but more - she reminds us to look kindly on the creatures that drive us crazy because they enrich our lives in so many ways. A wonderful new voice for the contemporary woman."  
--Linda Smalley

"I literally had to take a break from reading this book in some places, as I was unable to see through my tears of laughter. Katrina Morgan can spin a yarn better than most, with her unique gift of the gab. The riotous hilarity of most of the stories is off the charts. Every day innocent situations go wrong for all of us at some point in our lives, but reading about them in such detail, inclusive of the thoughts inside Katrina Morgan's head as they happen, is side-splitting.These Animals Are Killing Me is truly a champion of all humor books. If you are not afraid of reading about a woman's most personal thoughts which accompany mild screw-ups, this is most definitely the book for you. The tales which featured mishaps of the two-legged species had me in stitches. I recommend this book to readers of all ages who enjoy a bit of a giggle."   Rosie Malezer with ReadersFavorite,

​     Katrina Morgan​ Author. Speaker. Instructor.