Author Katrina Morgan Author releases her second book,

"These Animals Are Killing Me"


These Animals are Killing Me chronicles a year of hysterical, true-life interruptions courtesy of quirky pets and a myriad of wildlife;

a muskrat who inflicts a near mortal wound on the dog, a courageous mouse who takes up residence under the cat’s food bowl, coyote howling next to an occupied hot tub,  

a raccoon which takes an unexpected trip in a baby stroller,  a skunk which interrupts a romantic interlude, and one mysterious pig which saunters onto the property and stays for hours to help hang Christmas lights.  Add in a daring rescue across a semi-frozen pond to save a family pet, harrowing trips to the veterinarian in which the heroine arrived in worse shape than the animals, and one ruined floor thanks to a vindictive cat and opportunistic dog. Eventually, I’d had enough. Hands on hips, I shouted, “These animals are killing me!”   With that, a book was born.

The fast paced incidents will be most recognizable to adults who juggle and multi-task on a daily basis. The universal draw of animals adds a unique dimension. There are triumphs, surprises, failures and disappointments all told with twisted humor. At the end of each episode,  small windows of clarity occur, in which the world rights itself momentarily and we remember what is important, what is right, what is good.

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