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​     Katrina Morgan​ Author. Speaker. Instructor.

The true and hysterical story of selling a new home to tackle a derelict 1840's Farmhouse in the country. 

An old house awakens long-forgotten dreams, and the wheels of change are set in motion. Unfortunately, the idyllic dreams turn to nightmares quickly. Nothing is what it seems--Obstacles litter the path and friends and family see only imminent disaster.

Raccoons in a bedroom, bats in the attic, bones in the basement, injuries and a ridiculous ninety day time-frame. None of these were part of the plan. It becomes a harrowing, hilarious roller-coaster -of-a-ride. As the house endures monumental changes, the family must evolve as well.   In finding the humor, they learn to wear life's bruises proudly. 

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Stewam1   5.0 out of 5 stars  A Must Read!!
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"Just finished the book. I had to put down the book many times as I couldn't stop laughing. An amazing story that was a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing it. OUTSTANDING. Can't wait to read the next book!"

 Morgan's lively voice relates the harrowing saga of remodeling a dilapidated pre-Civil war farmhouse. Morgan describes each catastrophic event with gusto. Some scenes are hilarious enough for a sitcom.  --Blue Ink Review "humorous"

"What a fantastic read!!! And the Old Woman-- I especially loved the way you wove her so 
intimately through the book...Thanks for the delightful entertainment"
--Angela Huston, Editor MedinaCountylife.com