Echoes In the Walls.

An old house awakens long-forgotten dreams and the wheels of change are set in motion. However dreams turn to nightmares quickly, completely. Nothing is what it seems, obstacles litter the path, and friends and family see only their imminent demise.

Laugh aloud at this true story of moving from a new house in perfect suburbia to tackle a ramshackle, falling apart, should have been bulldozed, century home in the country.

Raccoons in a bedroom, bats in the attic,  bones in the basement, and a ridiculous ninety day time-frame. None of these were part of the plan.  It turns into a harrowing, hilarious roller coaster of a ride. As the house endures monumental changes, the family must evolve as well.  

In slowing down, and appreciating their surroundings, they learn to wear life's bruises proudly.  

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Published 2011  

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ISBN: 978-1-4568-5086-9

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